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UI Mandatory Reporting

The University of Iowa places a high premium on confidentiality whenever possible. At the same time, the university is a state institution and is covered by many regulations and policy requirements that can override a desire for confidentiality. Certain members of the university community may be required by law to report accusations of wrongdoing.

UI community members required to report certain types of misconduct include:

  • Collegiate deans, including associate deans and assistant deans
  • Academic departmental executive officers (DEOs)
  • Staff members whose primary job involves providing academic advice to students
  • Residence Hall staff
  • Faculty members serving as departmental (or collegiate) director of undergraduate or graduate studies
  • University president, director of equal opportunity and diversity, vice presidents (including assistant and associate vice presidents), provost (including assistant and associate provosts), and those persons/ designees
  • Plus others; see the definition of "academic or administrative officer" in the University Operations Manual II.4.1.b(3)

Confidential Resources

If you are concerned about confidentiality when discussing a legal or policy violation, your best approach is to ask about confidentiality and mandatory reporting at the very start of the conversation.

The following staff members and units are available to provide confidential advice and support around a variety of areas of policy and criminal misconduct.

Office of the Ombudsperson

Women’s Resource and Action Center (WRAC)

Rape Victim Advocacy Center (RVAP)

University Counseling Service (UCS)

Student Health


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