About Iowa City

Picture a top-notch educational institution offering some of the nation’s best (and largest) health care facilities and a variety of art and theatrical attractions, an internationally renowned writers’ workshop, and research programs that are changing our world. Combine this with a welcoming community surrounded by the picturesque forests, lakes, and rivers of Eastern Iowa. It is not hard to see why the Iowa City area is often ranked as one of the most livable communities in the nation. During the summer, Iowa City sponsors weekly downtown jazz and pop concerts and year-round major poets, writers, artists, historians, scientists, and others speak or perform at university and local venues. Excellent public schools, safe and comfortable neighborhoods, and a highly educated population mean that Iowa City frequently appears high on “best-place-to-live” listings in national magazines. The nearby countryside, scenic state parks and the Iowa River provide many opportunities for walking, biking and boating. Twenty miles to the north is Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s second-largest city, home to the Eastern Iowa Airport and a population of about 120,000. Chicago, St. Louis and Minneapolis/St. Paul are also within easy driving distance. You do not have to be in Iowa City for long to understand why Iowans are known for their work ethic and their kind, friendly nature. Referred to by many as “Iowa Nice,” this spirit is seen everywhere from the sidewalk to the stadium. Where else do you see thousands of football fans, players, and coaches wave to the patients of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital? This “Iowa Nice” energy is a reason why people love Iowa City and the university.

Community Websites

▪ City of Coralville: http://www.coralville.org/

▪ City of Iowa City: http://www.icgov.org/

▪ City of North Liberty: https://northlibertyiowa.org/

▪ City of Solon: http://www.solon-iowa.com/

▪ City of Tiffin: https://tiffin-iowa.org/

▪ Johnson County: https://www.johnson-county.com/

▪ Iowa City Community School District: https://www.iowacityschools.org/