Assessing DEI Campus Climate

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Charter Committee on Diversity takes the lead The Charter Committee on Diversity (CCD), funded by the Chief Diversity Office, Office of the Provost, and the Public Policy Center, took the lead role in a comprehensive data collection strategy to assess campus climate in 2017-18, which was one of the strategic priorities shared during the 2018 Update on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). 

The CCD, working in concert with the Interim Chief Diversity Officer and the Provost Office, identified three goals that motivated collecting campus climate data related to DEI.

  1. Gaining a systematic understanding of campus climate
  2. Establishing a baseline for measuring change in campus climate over time
  3. Informing future planning including a DEI Action Plan

A faculty and staff survey was designed to capture personal experiences, perceptions of campus climate, and current UI efforts related to DEI. The Student Experiences of Research University (SERU) surveys were administered in Spring 2018 to capture graduate and undergraduate student experiences and perceptions. Survey items that were identical to those on the faculty and staff survey were added to the SERU surveys to allow for a comparison of how all key stakeholders experience various aspects of campus climate. 

In addition to the survey-based assessments of campus climate, eight strategic listening sessions were facilitated across campus. Faculty and staff had the opportunity to provide additional insight into their experiences at the UI related to DEI, and the CCD gathered stakeholder input regarding recommendations for improving campus climate. 

Stakeholder-specific results from the surveys and listening sessions will be detailed in three reports scheduled for release along with a DEI Action Plan in Fall 2018. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan will be rooted in core principles outlined in the UI Strategic Plan, 2016-2021, but the detailed critical tasks will grow from insights gained from the assessment of campus climate completed during the 2017-18 academic year. The vision is that the DEI Action Plan, in conjunction with regularly administered climate surveys, will continue to inform our approach to instituting policies, practices, and programs that make the University of Iowa more inclusive and equitable for all members of the campus community. The CCD is also planning to host public forums during that time to present the key findings from the reports and provide opportunities to share ideas for improving campus climate related to DEI. 

Faculty and Staff DEI Survey Team

Sarah Bruch, Charter Committee on Diversity
Angela Lamb, Charter Committee on Diversity
Lena Hill, Chief Diversity Office
Diane Finnerty, Office of the Provost

Data Analysis Team

Elizabeth Felix, graduate student
Hansini Munasinghe, graduate student
Inga Popavaite, graduate student
KaLeigh White, graduate student

2017-18 Charter Committee on Diversity 

Sarah Bruch, Department of Sociology, co-chair
Angela Lamb, University College, co-chair
Sarah Andrews, UI Libraries
Carly Armour, Student Disability Services
Alexander Bare, student
Natalie Brown, student
Amy Chastain, English as a Second Language Program
Marc Doobay, Family Medicine
Lena Hill, Office of the President and Chief Diversity Office
Jamie Jorgensen, Office of the General Counsel
Teresa Kulper, Human Resources
Maurine Neiman, Department of Biology
Damani Phillips, UI School of Music
Mia Qu, student
Ann Ricketts, Office of the Vice President Research and Economic Development
Teri Schnelle, Division of Student Life
Winnie Uluocha, student

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