Student Leadership Award


Friday, March 29, 2019


Graduate Student
Undergraduate Student


To be eligible, a student must have graduated from UI in December 2018 or plan to graduate from UI  in May 2019.

How to Apply

Criteria for Selection:

Student leaders serve as officers in student organizations or social groups.  We recognize the importance of acknowledging those who often work behind the scenes.  Student leaders are:

Visionary - understanding the “larger issues” and by demonstrating the ability to articulate their vision, inspiring their peers to action
Initiators - seeking out and accept positions of responsibility in groups and organizations, performing tasks with dedication and diligence
Influential - exhibiting the ability to influence others with sound reason, judgment, and good will with respect to sociopolitical and other issues that affect student life at the University
Dedicated - volunteering to accept additional tasks, not for reasons of self-interest, but because they believe doing so will help achieve the goals of the group

Please nominate one student if submitting nomination on behalf a department, office, or student organization.

After identifying the student, you will be requested to provide details how your student has demonstrated contributions to diversity, inclusion and leadership at the university and/or surrounding community (300-500 words) and identify organizations and leadership positions your nominee has been involved in.

2019 Nomination Form - coming soon!