BIPOC Health Resources

BIPOC Health Matters

We see you. We seek to understand. We are here. Your life matters. Your health matters. You matter.

In addition to the resources listed here, we understand that self-care is important to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. It means doing things to take care of your minds, bodies, and souls by engaging in activities that promote well-being and reduce stress. Doing so enhances your ability to live fully, vibrantly, and effectively. We understand self-care to be helpful when dealing with systemic oppression and the trauma that comes with a life lived under certain circumstances. The mental fortitude and emotional strength necessary to cope during these challenging times can be bolstered by intentionally practicing self-care. 

Self care activities fill you up, lead to a sense of balance, and give you the tools and energy to cope with whatever is occurring in your life. 

Self-care also includes, but is not limited to, the following:

setting boundaries

taking time away from social media

avoiding toxic people

getting organized

establishing helpful routines


eating a balanced diet

staying hydrated

avoiding smoking and harmful drugs

moderating alcohol use


going to bed on time

reading books

attending to one’s spiritual life


spending time in nature

seeking counseling

seeking medical care


Events for Health

UI 2020 Virtual Health Fair promotional image
Wednesday, November 4, 2020 (all day)
During these chaotic times, make a connection with fellow Hawkeyes for renewal, resilience, and empowerment. The UI Health Fair events create opportunities to come together, learn, get inspired and leave with hope for the future. When you know your why, you are able to use your strengths, gifts, and talents to move forward in a positive way.  Live sessions -via zoom- for UI faculty and staff will be delivered. Options include: Rise and Shine yoga sessions One-Step Finances: Budgeting and…