College by the Numbers: January Saturday Academy Highlights

November 09, 2017

College can sometimes feel like a numbers game. GPA, credits, acceptance and program statistics… sometimes it’s hard to get all the numbers straight! At January’s Saturday Academy, Upward Bound tried to demystify college “numbers”, and help students sort out which numbers are worth examining, and which ones are better off discounted.

The morning started with a presentation from Sarah Billeter, Director of TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) at the University of Iowa. Sarah explained how, much like Upward Bound, TRIO SSS helps college students succeed through counseling and advising, tutoring, academic and financial literacy programming, leadership opportunities, and more. She explained that because Upward Bound is also a TRIO program, all Upward Bound participants are automatically able to participate in TRIO SSS when they enroll in college. Many colleges and universities across the country offer TRIO SSS programs.

Next, students learned about how the “numbers” one earns during high school, such as ACT score, GPA, and class rank, affect one’s chances of being admitted to a college or university. Allanda Hageman with the University of Iowa Office of Admissions led the presentation and a Jeopardy! game where students could test their knowledge of the “numbers.”

To finish the day, Dr. Chris Morphew, Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership at the University of Iowa, exposed the clever marketing strategies that colleges use to sell their schools to potential applicants. Students looked at actual college pamphlets, flyers, and marketing materials and learned how to determine which statistics colleges market will actually affect their college experience, and which ones are just for show.

The next Saturday Academy is February 7 and will focus on Emotional Intelligence.

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