Iowa Edge

August 22, 2016

17 August 2016 – Day 4 of Iowa Edge

As much as we did not want this day to come, today is officially the last day of Iowa Edge. This morning consisted of Edgers practicing their active listening skills during the Iowa Edge Faculty Panel.

(left to right) Tracey Peterson, Nicole Peterson, Mercedes Bern-Klag, Horacio Olvo, Miriam Thaggert and Motier Haskins.

The faculty shared many insightful experiences, such as the struggles they endured throughout their undergraduate years, as well as some tips on how to be the best student you can be.

Nicole Peterson, a Nursing Professor, shared a touching experience in which she remembers clearly to this day. Professor Peterson informed us that as incoming students it is our responsibility to go into office hours and ask for help if we need it. When Professor Peterson first entered nursing school, she admitted to students that she struggled with taking good notes. That all changed the moment she decided to ask for help from one of her professors. Just like everyone in the room, I walked away with a feeling of empowerment and excitement for growth. We all have the choice to turn a situation/experience into a learning opportunity. During the panel, we learned that the Iowa Edge family encourages us to choose to learn from those experiences where things aren’t going so smoothly, and to ask for help.  

After wrapping up some heart-warming advice for the incoming students. The Edgers had the ability to ask any questions or concerns towards the faculty. There is no surprise that the 2016 Iowa Edgers asked relevant questions. We appreciate the fact that each faculty panelists took time out of their busy schedule to share their college experiences, memories, and advice for the incoming Edgers.

We truly have a great bunch of students in the program this year who are all interested in being as prepared as possible for classes to begin next week! The fun continues for the students as we look forward to what today has in store for us such as the faculty lunch, the closing banquet & the dance party!

faculty panel answer questions in classroom

Written by Faviola Santana