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August 22, 2016

Iowa Edge Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary of fostering community and student success. University of Iowa Diversity at Iowa Building Community

Welcome to the University of Iowa’ s blog for the Iowa Edge Program! The 2016 cohort of the Iowa Edge (TIE) is a very special one. This year we are celebrating 10 wonderful years of Edge Excellence, and will be using this webpage as one of the many ways to connect with all of you in celebration with us, engage with current edgers during this fall’s program, and to learn about what some of the Iowa Edge alumni are up to.

We look forward to having you along this journey with us.

10 Cool Things to Know About Iowa Edge

  1. The 2016 Cohort of Iowa Edgers marks the 10th year of Iowa Edge (you may have already been told that one ;) !
  2. The program gets its name “Edge” from the fact that students who attend have an edge up on inside tips and valuable resources that other incoming students don’t typically get the opportunity to experience in their first year.
  3. The Peer Leaders are specially selected and trained on Leadership, Diversity, and Campus Resources in order to give our Iowa Edge Students the best experiences in their transitions to Iowa.
  4. Strengths Quest is utilized in order to help Peer leaders understand their leadership styles and understand how they can best serve the students during the Iowa Edge program.
  5. Iowa Edge has often been hailed as a highlight in students’ college experience. In 2008 TIE was nominated, and awarded a catalyst award (An award given yearly to programs that uphold Diversity and the values of the Chief Diversity Office).
  6. TIE is one of the very few programs on campus that allows students to meet and talk personally with various offices and personnel that can help students beyond their undergraduate experiences prior to their first day of classes.
  7. With strong support and efforts emanating from the Center for Diversity and Enrichment, TIE is supported and planned by the 16 of the most proactive and caring staff on campus from a variety of University of Iowa Departments and Offices.

For cohorts 2006- 2013

  1. The 2nd year retention rate is an outstanding 94.8% which is almost 11% higher than those who didn’t participate in the program
  2. Graduation rates for African American Males is almost double that of the university’s at an 82.5%
  3. Both the graduation and retention rates for American Native, African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian, and White self-identified Edgers remain higher than that of our institution