Mar. 31, 2018 Quarterly Harassment Prevention Education Deadline is Approaching (March 15, 2018)

March 16, 2018

Online harassment prevention (HP) education course completions through Wed., Mar. 14, 2018 have been registered within the CQ /My Training system. There are 87 individuals campus-wide who are due to complete an approved HP course before the quarterly deadline of Mar. 31, 2018. 


To reach full compliance by the deadline, please run the CQ report Harassment Prevention Compliance Individual Deadlines within the Quarter for your unit and strongly encourage affected employees to complete an approved course ASAP and no later than Thur., Mar. 29.  For more detailed information, see EOD’s website.


New Online Courses Launched Mar. 5, 2018

The new online courses are now available to all employees via the university’s Compliance & Qualifications (CQ) System. There are two online modules available, one for Academic/Administrative Officers (AAOs)/Supervisors and one for non-Academic/Administrative Officers (AAOs)/non-Supervisors.

The online courses are delivered through the university’s learning management system (ICON); therefore, the CQ / My Training systems will process and show completions within 24 hours of ICON course completion.  


Tips/Tech Support for the New Online HP Courses




Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

(Some employees are reporting difficulties opening the HP online courses when using Internet Explorer)


Course Length:

AAO/Supervisors course = 2+ hours to complete

Non-AAO/Non-Supervisors course = c. 2 hours

We strongly recommend employees start early and work on these online courses over multiple sessions.


Tech Support:

Contact the ITS Help Desk

Phone: 319-384-HELP (4357)

Email:  (link sends e-mail)

Online Chat: Help Desk Online Chat


Online Course Completion Verifications

Use the following reports to verify HP course completions:

  1. Org/Department Completion Status by Person (in CQ)
  2. Harassment Prevention Compliance Due this Quarter (in CQ)
  3. Training Activity by Employee (in HR Training Reports)

HP Extension Requests

Please ask your Senior HR representative (or associate dean for faculty) to send any HP extension requests to EOD no later than Fri., Mar. 23, 2018. HP extension requests may be considered for persons on an extended leave (e.g., extended military, FMLA, or unpaid leave).


Harassment Prevention website updated


EOD’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Education website has been updated and renamed to “Harassment Prevention Education”. Please consult this site for tips/FAQs about the new online courses. We will be making changes in the coming weeks to the offer letter templates to reflect the new name and URL; however, we have initiated a redirect to ensure persons who type the old URL are directed to the correct website.



Please email us at and thank you as always for your continued support and assistance.

About the author

Jennifer Modestou, Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Jennifer Modestou

Director of Equal Opportunity & Diversity, Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Jennifer has worked at the University of Iowa’s Equal Opportunity and Diversity office since 1992.  Prior to her appointment as director of the office in 2007, she served as its director of campus relations. 

A native of California, Jennifer received a bachelor of arts degree (with honors) in political science from the University of California, Berkeley.  Jennifer spent a year abroad in Italy as an undergraduate, studying Italian language/culture at the University for Foreigners in Perugia and studying political science and economics at the University of Padova, Italy.