Paying for College: December Saturday Academy Highlights

January 30, 2015

Going to college can be a scary proposition, and perhaps the scariest part of all is seeing your college bill. At the December Saturday Academy, students addressed the ever-pressing question: “How am I going to pay for college anyway?” with sessions on college payment options and budget management.

Guest presenter Derek Parker of Voya Financial led students in a discussion and activities to help them understand credit cards: What factors affect your credit score? What does it mean to have good credit? Are credit cards really a bad thing? Students looked at real-world scenarios to determine how common pitfalls, misconceptions, and behaviors can influence your credit, and how to use credit in a responsible and beneficial way.

Allen Roberts from the University of Iowa Military and Veteran Student Services presented on the branches of the Armed Forces, plus how military service can be a viable way to pay for the expense of postsecondary education through incentives like the GI Bill.

Shelly Brimeyer & Kelsey Ryder from the University of Iowa Financial Aid office led a multi-year simulation that followed fictitious students on their financial journeys through college, with an examination of how choices like college major, work-study participation, and loan repayment can affect the overall expense you’ll incur to attend college.

Armed with insider tips and insights, students left the day with the skills and knowledge they need to begin navigating the world of college finances.

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