Student Spotlight: King of the Fall

October 31, 2014

By Ricardo Roman Ruiz
Senior, Columbus Community High School

Senior year is a year full of excitement, and a lot of times what seems like a bunch of craziness. Aside from all the college searches, college applications, and all the other things a senior is required to accomplish, senior year should be fun and a student’s best year of high school.

Homecoming is a great example of how enjoyable senior year can be. This year I was surprised to hear I had been nominated for homecoming court. Just knowing that students voted for me was an honorable feeling. I paid little attention to all the hype that came with being in this position- I just wanted to enjoy my last high school homecoming and make memories I would remember for my years to come after high school.

Believe it or not, homecoming week can be very stressful. Students find themselves working on hallway decorations, homecoming float, and on top of all those preparations they must stay on top of their school work and making sure they don’t get caught up with all the mess. At certain points during this week, students and maybe even teachers can find themselves wanting the week to be over with.

As a member of the football team, all that mattered to me as a senior was winning our last homecoming game. The previous game was critical for us football players. We faced Wapello, our big time rival. We found ourselves behind at half, but our hopes were set high for this game, and in the end we were victorious. It felt great beating Wapello on their homecoming, which will be something I will remember the rest of my life! The confidence from beating Wapello definitely played a huge role in our homecoming win.

As Friday came along it was a short school day, and everyone’s focus was on the pep rally and homecoming parade. The gym was full of enthusiasm and all the students seemed excited for the game later that night. Our opponent was West Marshall. We knew that if we were going to win, it wasn’t going to be easy. We were determined to play hard and not give up no matter what the score is. At the half we found ourselves in a position we hadn’t been in in so long: we were ahead of our opponent. During halftime we held the homecoming coronation. Standing in front of a huge home crowd was a little nerve wracking for me. As I looked into my mother’s eyes, I could tell she was surprised to see me next to the other students on the homecoming court. It was her birthday and I never told her I was on the homecoming court. It was a total surprise, and when they announced me as the Homecoming King she was so happy.

To younger students, I encourage you to set your goals high. No matter what you do, people will judge your actions, so don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve something. If you work hard towards your goal you will achieve it. It might not be easy but "it's not what's in your path, it's who's in your huddle." So don't just chase your dreams, catch them and make them come true.