Student Spotlight: Life Helps You Move On

January 30, 2015

Alondra Solis

Alondra Solis

My mom always says, “If you die today, you leave with nothing. So no matter what happens in this world you have to move on.” When you’re struggling and you don’t know how to cope with anything anymore, life will bring you the strength you need to succeed in this world. Life puts people and opportunities in your way to help you move on and become a better person.

As a Columbus City girl, my childhood was very interesting, and it came with a lot of opportunities. There was no danger in my area, which meant I could roam around freely. I lived with my mother, my father, and my two older sisters. I was a regular city child but far from normal.

At the age of 13, a week after my birthday, my father was arrested at his workplace for having a deportation order. My family tried to arrange something with a lawyer to see if there was a way he could stay with us, but unfortunately there was nothing we could do. He was deported about three days before Christmas, and I have learned to live without my biggest role model for about four years now.

Despite my father’s deportation, I went on to high school at Columbus Junction and made a number of great friends. In high school I got the honor to join a group called Upward Bound, which helps and encourages young adults to attend college. I was very interested in Upward Bound, since both of my sisters were members of the group before and enjoyed it very much. I was very happy to be a part of Upward Bound, because even though life took a very important person and put them far away from me, it also gave me the opportunity to get to meet Haley, Sara, Dominic, and a lot of my good friends, which helped me understand that life really is amazing; you just have to look on the bright side of everything. As a member of Upward Bound, I have had a great experience with expanding my knowledge about colleges around the US. I have also met a lot of people, and I got to see a couple of amazing places because of Upward Bound.

Unfortunately, my family and I moved to Iowa City this past summer, and I left all of my friends behind. Since I wasn't attending the school at Columbus Junction anymore, I also had to say goodbye to Upward Bound. About a month after beginning school at City High, I got an email from a mentor from Upward Bound stating that I could still be in the program. I have become more independent because of Upward Bound and their loving staff.

My life may not be the greatest, but it isn’t the worst. I know a lot of people would enjoy having my life and would be very happy with what I have, and until now I had not realized that. Moving to Iowa City has been a great experience for me. It has made me independent and has made me appreciate my life a little more. Even though there were a lot of obstacles in my family’s way, we have managed to remove all of them and become better people. I now understand how hard my parents worked to please me and my needs. I hope to one day repay them for everything they have done for me, because they gave me a lot of opportunities in this life. Everyone faces struggles, but life will give you the opportunity to move on.