Student Spotlight: UB Takes the Capitol!

October 31, 2014

Maria Franco and Carlos Gutierrez
voted to leadership positions of regional Iowa Youth Congress chapter

Each year, the Iowa Youth Congress brings together students from across Iowa to discuss issues with state legislators and see how government really works. This fall, three Upward Bound students from Muscatine high school took part in the process, bringing their ideas and legislative proposals to the table for debate.

In early October, Iowa Youth Congress gathered student representatives by region to discuss ideas for new laws and changes to existing laws. Carlos Gutierrez, MHS senior, was voted President and Maria Franco, MHS senior, was voted Secretary of the eastern region. Camila Franco, MHS junior, also participated in the meeting.

Maria, Carlos, Camila, and other regional representatives proposed, debated and passed three bills: the Hands Free Law, Police Body Cameras Law, and Yes Means Yes. The following week the three travelled to the Capitol in Des Moines to pitch their ideas to state lawmakers during the fall legislative session. Along with nearly 100 Iowa Youth Congress members, they formally addressed their issues in the House of Representatives Chamber in the same style as Iowa state representatives.

Participants of the Iowa Youth Congress have the opportunity to lead and make their voices heard on matters that are important to them while networking with high school students from across Iowa. Participants have a real, unique opportunity to influence the policies in their state and we congratulate Maria, Carlos, and Camila on taking the initiative to speak out on issues affecting Iowa youth!