CDE Academic Coaches

CDE Academic Coaches

The Center for Diversity and Enrichment’s (CDE) mission is to support underrepresented students on the University of Iowa campus by focusing on four pillars of service: Student Success and Development, Community Building and Inclusion, Creating Pipelines & Access, and Diversity Training. The Campus Outreach Services (COS), Military and Veteran Student Services, TRIO Student Support Services, and TRIO Upward Bound units within CDE strive to provide academic coaching and programming that supports underserved students’ ability to thrive and succeed during their tenure at the university, thus, hoping to enhance the cultural, social, and academic experiences of students.  

Over the course of the last year, CDE administration dug deep into assessing the needs of its students and discovered that in order to serve their students in the best way possible, COS would need to intensify one-on-one advising. As a result, for the 2018-19 academic year, academic coaches will begin utilizing an intrusive advising/proactive advising approach. The new coaching model was molded from evidence-based research on retention and advising best practices. 

The intrusive advising/proactive advising model proposes deliberate intervention to accomplish the following:  

  • Deliberate intervention to enhance student motivation 
  • Using strategies to show interest and involvement with students 
  • Intensive coaching designed to increase the probability of student success 
  • Working to educate students on all options 
  • Approaching students before situations develop 

This model is key for working with traditionally at-risk student populations and promoting their success because it will enable coaches to provide:  

  • Early intervention at the first sign of any type of difficulty (risk factors can be identified in the admissions process) 
  • Introduction of rules, policies and procedures, along with clear explanations and expectations of students 
  • Monitoring progress of students to determine how well they are using information provided 
  • Customizing intervention and targeting it specifically toward student needs (Molina and Abelman, 2000) 

In conjunction with this new approach, Campus Outreach Services is also excited to introduce cohort-specific programming that will allow for community and relationship building among peers and focus on topics most relevant to where each cohort is in their educational journey. CDE is hopeful these changes will allow Campus Outreach Services to better meet the needs of the students they serve and lead to increased retention of underrepresented students.  

“...CDE and the people who work there became my mentors, teachers, advocates, allies, accomplices, and family. They helped teach me who I am, how I want to exist in the world, and how I want to be in relationship with others...I am forever grateful for that office and for the people who work there.”
Ariana Smith
bachelor of business administration, 2018


More information about the Campus Outreach Services, Military and Veteran Student Services, TRIO Student Support Services, and TRIO Upward Bound: DIVERSITY.UIOWA.EDU/CDE.