Cup o' Justice Series

In 2014, the Cup o' Justice series was created at the request of current student-activist in order to continue engaging with local community activists after the 50th Anniversary Civil Rights Dinner, held by the Chief Diversity Office.

Honoring the rich tradition of activism at the University of Iowa and in the surrounding community, Cup o’ Justice is a year-long series of discussions designed to bring change leaders together in shared learning.  Each event promotes intergenerational and interdisciplinary dialogue about social justice, civil rights, and civic engagement.  

Past Events

Laurie Haag, Activism from a Place of Strength

Damita Brown, Contemplative Practice and Social Justice

Karl Cassell and Anthony Arrington, The Social and Economic Business Impact of Diversity and Inclusion

Motier Haskins, Racism within Muslim Communities

Nolan Petersen, Changing the Queer Experience: Founding Iowa's First Queer Fraternity and Beyond

LaTasha DeLoach, Being Rendered Invisible: The Challenge of Hypervisability for Women and Girls of Color in Historically White Spaces, Schools, and Universities

Sara Barron, The Place We Call Home: Affordable Housing in Johnson County

Akwi Nji, Speak Up! Honor Your Vision, Your Story, Your Voice in Community Engagement

Hamza OmarThe Challenges Facing Black, Latino, Arab, Asian, and Muslim Youth in Iowa and Iowa City

Royceann Porter, A Cup of Justice Half Full

Crissy Canganelli, Homelessness in Iowa and Our Local Response

Jason Daniel-Ulloa, Public Health and Social Justice

Angela Onwuachi-Willig, Finding and Using Your Voice to Advance Social Justice

Henri Harper, Are You Choosing Your Journey?

Donna Red Wing, Civic Engagement: Where Does Equality Begin?

Frederick Newell, Breaking Known Cycles that Hinder Our Communities

Meagan Schorr, Pathways to Social Justice Work and Lessons Learned Along the Way

Travis Arment, The Missions Field to Education about Human Trafficking & Bringing Restoration to Survivors 

Rebecca Kling, Using Art & Performance for Activism

Kinsley Botchway, Social Positive Change in Your Community: How Politics and Running for Office Plays a Role in the Journey

Leonard Sandler, Legal Advocacy: Taking It to the Streets, the Courthouse, and the Statehouse

Megan Schwalm, Coalition Building Across Difference

Misty Rebik, Community Organizing: Defending What is Right for the Change in Your Community

Harry Olmstead, Disability Advocacy: The Journey to True Equality