NOTE:  As of Sept. 10, 2018, the University of Iowa has a new system for managing advertising, applications, and searches for staff and health care jobs, therefore, this Recruitment Manual for P&S and faculty searches will be revised to reflect the university’s transition to the new Talent Acquisition system (OTAC). Information in this manual pertaining to faculty searches is still applicable until such time as the faculty requisitions migrate to the new OTAC system. Please contact Talent Acquisition support ( in University Human Resources with any questions about the OTAC system.
  1. Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Director’s Message

Thank you for your commitment to the recruitment and selection of faculty and professional and scientific staff at the University of Iowa.

Developing and implementing a comprehensive Requisition/Recruitment plan is an essential best practice in achieving one of the university's strategic initiatives of Scholarly Inquiry and Creative Work outlined in "Renewing The Iowa Promise: Great Opportunities-Bold Expectations,” the Strategic Plan for the University of Iowa, 2010-2016. One of the goals includes Retaining and attracting outstanding faculty and staff who provide leadership and opportunities for advancing knowledge and applying it to improve society and the human condition.

In addition to the university's strategic plan, each college/VP area has unique needs and develops its own strategic plan to meet its specific needs for diversifying faculty, staff, and students.  The guidelines and best practices highlighted in this recruitment manual will provide direction and assist colleges, departments/units in actualizing this important goal.

If you have questions regarding the policies and/or practices outlined in this manual, please contact Equal Opportunity and Diversity at 335-0705 (Voice), 335-0697 (TDD), or

Best wishes on conducting successful searches.

Jennifer Modestou, SPHR
Director, Equal Opportunity and Diversity

  1. Accommodating Persons with Disabilities

The JOBS@UIOWA applications have been thoroughly tested for accessibility to persons with disabilities. A situation may arise, however, where an applicant with a disability may not be able to utilize our electronic application process. In this instance, if contacted by the applicant, do not inquire about the applicant’s disability. Please refer the applicant to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, (319) 335-0705 (voice) or (319) 335-0697 (TDD) or e-mail The office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity staff will contact the applicant and, if necessary, manually enter the applicant’s CV and cover letter into the JOBS@UIOWA system.

Information about disability accommodation requests are considered confidential and should be shared only with persons who would play a critical role in implementing the accommodation. The fact that a disability accommodation had been requested should not be shared with anyone in the department or the other search committee members.

If departments/units need assistance in determining how best to provide a disability accommodation during the search process, contact Equal Opportunity and Diversity, (319) 335‐0705 or

All persons who wish to apply for a faculty or staff position at the University of Iowa must be permitted to do so.