July 28, 2022 | Zoom

July 28, 2022 Zoom meeting amongst the three Sea Change Core Team members focused on Recruitment

The meeting began with finalizing/approving the 1st meeting notes 
Today’s agenda is to develop ideas and outlines for slides for actionable products from existing recruitment data, with three specific ideas outlined below. We will present these ideas at the August Core Team meeting.

  • Connect job placement after graduation to initial (applicant?) demographics. 
    • Demographic breakdown of employment post-graduation (may have to request permission for individual users)
      • We are already done, but we must ensure that we properly understand and represent the data. Some data are missing, but likely not too much.
        • Actual employment type for UI grads; data collected by UI
          • These data are linked to the US census; more complete than (a)
    • Data type (a) cannot be linked now to (b) and (c), but we could likely do more by connecting student demographics with employment outcomes with the data we have. Not a trivial project, but likely doable. 
  • Track the “melting” process (attrition from deposit through actually setting foot on campus in September) on a demographic basis.  We will put together simple visualization for Aug. 15 presentation; a more comprehensive data set will be available in a month or so. Suggest focusing on larger groups vs. specific breakdowns (res/non-res, URM vs. non, first gen vs. non, male vs. female). It would be great to feature disability status with appropriate context and permissions; this is protected information, which confers its challenges.  
  • A visual/infographic, from a demographic perspective, identifies demographic data gaps in the pre-prospect and prospect stages that happen from the pre-prospect stage through enrollment. For example, we don’t know first-generation status until application. We don’t know race/ethnicity or gender for a large fraction of prospects. 

Of course, the next questions are what we DO with these data/patterns. We can ask admissions to manage some of these challenges with data gaps. Hannah will speak to these questions/issues. 

Next steps: Maurine will make a slide draft; will send it to the Recruitment group to add various visuals and other elements.

Reporting out to large groups:

  • Dispelling myths
  • High level of processes