Mandatory Reporters

The following resources are considered non-confidential resources for reporting.

UI Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator

Monique DiCarlo
(319) 335-6200

The UI Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator serves as the contact person for students making formal complaints regarding sexual misconduct, stalking and/or domestic violence.

While the UI makes every effort to safeguard the identities of students, faculty and staff who report sexual misconduct, the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator may need to report incidents to an investigating office.

UI Department of Public Safety

(319) 335-5022
Reporting a Sexual Assault: website
Home Page: website

The University of Iowa’s Department of Public Safety consists of several divisions: Police, Investigations, Security Guards, Fire Safety and Crime Prevention. The primary focus of Public Safety is to provide a safe and secure campus environment.

Threat Assessment Team

During business hours call:
Eli Hotchkin: (319) 467-0311

After Business Hours call:
Department of Public Safety: (319) 335-5022

The University of Iowa’s Threat Assessment Team helps identify risk and safety concerns in the UI Community. When a case is active, other university faculty, staff, employees, and other agencies may be involved, as appropriate, for the duration of that specific case.

Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity

(319) 335-0705

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity investigates all formal complaints of sexual harassment including sexual assault.  It resolves complaints when an informal resolution is desired and appropriate. The role of the office is to be a neutral party during the course of the investigation rather than an advocate for either party. The office also provides educational programs for the university community regarding sexual harassment awareness and prevention.