Exceptions to Standard UI Search Procedures: Requesting a Waiver

Thursday, June 16, 2016

J.     Exceptions to Standard UI Search Procedures: Requesting a Waiver

The University of Iowa’s search procedures for faculty and professional and scientific (P&S) positions are designed to meet all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and university policies regarding equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Deviations from these procedures are therefore strongly discouraged. Exceptions to these procedures will be made only upon careful review by the office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity and the Compensation and Classification Unit of Human Resources.

With appropriate justification, a waiver of the search process may be granted for a faculty and P&S position. Instances under which a waiver may be considered are noted below:

  • A current P&S staff member’s position has been eliminated due to a reduction in force. Such a request must be coordinated with the Compensation and Classification Unit of Human Resources.
  • A current UI P&S staff member develops a disability that makes her/his current position no longer feasible. Such a waiver request must be coordinated with theFaculty and Staff Disability Services Office in the Department of Human Resources.
  • As part of recruitment for a faculty or P&S staff position in another department, the applicant is a qualified “dual career” spouse or partner. This type of waiver request is typically coordinated with the Dual Career Services Office.
  • The terms of a grant or contract require the appointment of this particular individual.
  • The position will exist only if this individual (with unique education, training and experience) is available and interested in the position.
  • The applicant’s unique qualifications and expertise are such that no other applicant would be expected to surpass this individual’s qualifications for the position. Typically the applicant would need to be nationally or internationally renowned in his/her field to meet this criterion.

To request a waiver of the affirmative action search process, for faculty and professional & scientific positions (P&S) the hiring department must complete the request for waiver form and submit a letter to the director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity  (EOD). This letter must include:

  • The reasons for the request.
  • The proposed position title and class code proposed.
  • The position description.
  • A copy of the résumé or curriculum vitae of the person for whom the waiver is sought.

The hiring department must include all the required documents listed on the waiver form and attach them to the letter sent to the director of EOD.  

Two waiver forms have been added to e-forms and can be accessed by clicking on the following links:

Request for Waiver of a P&S Search

Request for Waiver of a Faculty Search

If the waiver request is approved, the hiring unit must also submit a copy of the offer letter. Salary approval from the Compensation and Classification Unit of Human Resources is required if the proposed salary exceeds the top of the median zone (P&S) positions.