New P&S Search Waiver Request Form Available in Universal Workflow (Revised 6/6/2016)

Monday, June 6, 2016

New P&S Search Waiver Request Form Available in Universal Workflow (Revised 6/6/2016)


In support of the Tier HR-10 initiative, EOD, HR- Compensation & Classification, and IM-HR are pleased to announce the launch of a new P&S Search Waiver Request Form that routes via Universal Workflow. Transmittal of P&S search waiver requests via Workflow will provide greater efficiency for the review and approval process.

To access the new form, log into Self Service, click the Administration tab; under Systems click the HR Transaction System link. The new P&S Search Waiver Request is listed under Employment Action Forms and replaces the P&S Search Waiver form that is currently available in E-Forms.

As the link indicates, this form opens in a new window in the Universal Workflow system. When the form is complete, it will redirect the initiator back to the Transaction System menu. 

These forms were built using the Form Builder and are not part of the “Transaction Reports”. Once initiated, forms are available to initiators and approvers at in the “My Initiated Packages” or “My History” sections, respectively. 

Routing of the P&S Search Waiver Request forms follows normal Workflow routing paths for your dept./org unless modified by your Workflow administrator. Instructions for Universal Workflow administrators are available in Workflow Help at: Post-org review and approval will be performed by HR-Compensation & Classification and EOD.

Creation of a Faculty Search Waiver Request Form in Workflow is underway and will be announced when available.

Please contact EOD ( with any questions/suggestions for the new P&S Search Waiver Request Form.