June 2019 Quarterly Harassment Prevention Education Deadline is Approaching

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


June 2019 Quarterly Harassment Prevention Education Deadline is Approaching


Online harassment prevention (HP) education course completions through Mon., June 4, 2019 have been registered within the CQ /My Training system. There are currently 292 employees campus-wide who are due to complete an approved HP course before the quarterly deadline.

As we announced on May 7, 2019, access to the online HP courses will be suspended on 6/29/2019 for the annual reset of courses within ICON. Please advise your employees who are due to complete the course before 6/30/2019 to do so before Fri. June 28th, otherwise they will need to start the course again from the beginning when course access is restored in early July, or complete an approved HP instructor-led course.

To reach full compliance by the deadline, please run the CQ report Harassment Prevention Compliance Individual Deadlines within the Quarter for your unit and strongly encourage affected employees to complete an approved course ASAP and no later than Fri., June. 28.  For more detailed information, see EOD’s website.

Tips/Tech Support for the Online HP Courses

Recommended Browsers:               

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

(Some employees are reporting difficulties opening the HP online courses when using Internet Explorer)

Course Length:

AAO/Supervisors course ≈ 2+ hours

Non-AAO/Non-Supervisors course ≈ 1- 1.5 hours

We strongly recommend employees start early and work on these online courses over multiple sessions.

HP Extension Requests

Please ask your Senior HR representative (or associate dean for faculty) to send any HP extension requests to EOD no later than Wed., June 19, 2019. HP extension requests may be considered for persons on an extended leave (e.g., extended military, FMLA, or unpaid leave).


Please email us at diversity@uiowa.edu(link sends e-mail).