Monday, March 1, 2021
Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Message to the HR Community (including all UI Health Care org units)

Deadline is Approaching

Thank you for assisting your faculty and staff who are due to complete their harassment prevention (HP) education course this quarter. For the third quarter of the fiscal year 2021, we have 1,031 employees remaining who are due to complete an approved HP course before the quarterly deadline of March 31, 2021. 

Please run the Compliance & Qualifications (CQ) report, Harassment Prevention Compliance Individual Deadlines within the Quarter, for your units and strongly encourage identified employees to complete one of the online courses ASAP. 

Online course completions are uploaded automatically each night, typically after 10:00 PM, and are visible in CQ the following day.

Additional Reminders:

  1. Enrollment for the online courses is available from the Compliance & Qualifications website.
  2. Approved courses:
    1. Employees may select one of the following online courses:
      Online Courses:
      1. Harassment Prevention and Response- for Non-Academic Administrative Officers / Non-Supervisors  OR
      2. Harassment Prevention and Response- for Academic Administrative Officers / Supervisor
    2. Instructor-led Course: Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on face-to-face meetings, no instructor-led courses are currently being offered. Please refer your employees to the online courses or contact EOD ( if your employee is unable to access the online courses.
  3. Tech Tips for the Online Courses:
    1. Recommended browsers:
      1. Windows: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge
      2. Mac: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
      3. NOTE: Do not use Internet Explorer:  Due to Internet Explorer’s update to Microsoft Edge and the progressive sunset of the browser on November 30, 2020, following Microsoft’s guidance, EverFi’s courses will no longer be supported on the Internet Explorer browser. See the Minimum System Requirements for more information.
    2. Launch the online course using one of the browsers listed above as you might check your personal email address or Google, and navigate to Avoid using Citrix, Remote Desktop, VPN, etc.
    3. Employees need to ensure they complete all modules in the online course and click the “Finish” button on the final screen of the course. Course completion will not be registered in CQ if this step is missed.

HR unit representatives may verify whether an employee’s online course completion has been uploaded and refreshed in CQ by running one of the following reports:

  1. Harassment Prevention Compliance Due this Quarter (in CQ)
  2. Training Activity by Employee (In Self Service, HR Reports, Training Reports).

HP Extension Requests

Please have your senior HR representative, or associate dean for faculty, send any HP extension requests to EOD no later than Wed., March 24, 2021. HP extension requests may be considered for employees on an extended leave (e.g., extended military, FMLA, or unpaid leave).

Please contact EOD via email with any questions/concerns (  Thank you as always for your continued support and assistance.