Chuy Renteria

Assistant Director
Inclusive Education and Strategic Initiatives (IESI)

Jesus “Chuy” Renteria is an author, dancer, artist, storyteller, and teacher born in Iowa City and raised in the town of West Liberty, Iowa. A central figure in the local Hip Hop dance scene, Chuy completed their BA in Dance from the University of Iowa as a first-generation student. Chuy is currently on staff at the Hip Hop studio, All the Way Up in North Liberty, IA. Their stories are featured in the Iowa Writer’s House anthology “We the Interwoven.” The first published collection of Iowan stories by bicultural Iowan’s. Chuy’s first full-length publication with the University of Iowa Press, “We Heard It When We Were Young,” is a memoir about growing up in West Liberty, Iowa’s first majority Hispanic town. Chuy’s performance background, as well as their past work in advocating for special needs individuals in connecting them to the larger community, led them to Hancher Auditorium, where they worked as Public Engagement Coordinator, connecting artists with the community in civically engaged ways. Chuy is currently on staff at Diversity Resources as Assistant Director, hoping to continue their work of advocating for arts and community through the lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.