Elizabeth Weiland

Graduate Assistant Tutor Coordinator
TRIO Student Support Services

Elizabeth recently graduated from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. She received a Bachelors of Education in Secondary Education with endorsements of English and Political Science as well as an Entrepreneurship minor. Now, she is a graduate student in the Higher Education Affairs program through the Educational Policy and Leadership Student Affairs program through the Education Policy and Leadership Studies department here at the University of Iowa. 

She considers herself an expert in zoom, canva, teaching strategies, and multi-tasking. Also, she is very much a people person with an asset-based mentality. To her, this means she expects to learn just as much from others as they can from her. Because of this mentality, she is very perceptive, approachable, and adaptable.  

Her favorite thing about working in CIAE is how willing everyone is to help students, even outside of just academic support. Everyone is so passionate about their work and everyone is a friend. She loves the extremely supportive environment that she's proud to be a part of.