Nadine Petty PhD

Photo of Nadine Petty
Executive Director of the Center for Diversity & Enrichment

Nadine Petty joined the Center for Diversity and Enrichment team in September 2015. She earned both a bachelor of arts in English and a master of arts in teaching from the University of Rochester. She earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Organizational Development with a concentration in Post-secondary Administration from the University of Louisville. Her major fields of interest are college student retention, race and ethnicity, and gender studies. The focus of her research is the influence of first year seminars on student success and retention across racial and gender lines.

Nadine has taught on the middle school, high school, and college levels. She has managed several grant programs including a grant housed at Morgan State University targeting students interested in engineering and transportation related fields. Nadine also worked as an academic specialist for TRIO Student Support Services at Southwestern Illinois College. Prior to joining the Center for Diversity and Enrichment, she served as director of the TRIO Student Support Services program at the University of Louisville.

In her spare time, Nadine enjoys live theatre, reading novels, hiking nature trails with her husband, trying new restaurants, traveling, movies, playing billiards, and playing basketball. She is an animal lover and one of her bucket list items includes becoming fluent in Spanish.