Takondwa Mwasi

Educational Support Services Specialist, TRIO Upward Bound, Center for Diversity & Enrichment

A recent transplant from Malawi, Takondwa's experiences in divergent environments studying Political Science have led her to value and advocate social justice, active citizenry and sustainable development.

She is passionate about active participation in collaborative platforms that critically engage in, and assess complex socio-political challenges that plague underrepresented communities. Through these, Takondwa strives to meaningfully contribute potential innovative and transformative solutions that drive action. With this in mind, she has since found herself involved in humanitarian relief non-profits, and researching the impact and viability of local Sub-Saharan African economic development projects.

Now, with Upward Bound, Takondwa seeks to promote student entry into institutions of higher learning where social circumstances are often preventative; pushing for student success and harboring longer-term empowerment.