Yashwant Prakash Vyas, MPA

Assistant Director, Diversity Resources

Yashwant is a higher education and nonprofit professional who centers on equity and inclusion in his work. He is passionate about creating accessible, inclusive, and equitable educational opportunities. Motivated by his journey, he strives to empower individuals to attain better life outcomes by supporting their educational attainment.

Yashwant is an assistant director for Diversity Resources in the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and an adjunct instructor at the University of Iowa. He works with faculty, staff, and administrators to foster an inclusive and equitable climate in this role. He leads training for faculty, staff, administrators, and students, designs training curricula, and provides coaching and consultation related to strategic planning and creating diverse, inclusive, equitable workplaces and classrooms.

Before joining the University of Iowa, Yashwant worked at Texas A&M University in various roles. He directly oversaw the programming, development, and evaluation of two retention programs to foster equitable and accessible learning environments for Latinx and first-generation college students. He was director of Student Research Week (the largest student-run, single-university research symposium in the nation). He also worked for a private grant-making foundation, Greater Texas Foundation, and engaged in efforts to ensure that all students in the state are prepared for, have access to, and complete post-secondary education. 

Yashwant is an active member of NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education and American College Personnel Association (ACPA) – College Student Educators International. He has presented educational sessions at national and international conferences such as the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE).  

Yashwant holds a Master of Public Administration degree with a Higher Education Policy and Administration degree, along with graduate certificates in Public Management and Nonprofit Management. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with minors in Mathematics and Leadership Studies. He is a Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Certified Facilitator, Intercultural Development Inventory (ID) Qualified Administrator, and a certified mediator.

In his spare time, Yashwant pursues his hobby of drawing and painting. Yashwant’s pronouns are he/him/his.