Culturally Intelligent Leadership (LS:3003:0001)

Engineering staff and students discuss differences between international marketing

The University of Iowa’s Chief Diversity Office and Pomerantz Career Center have partnered to create an exciting new enrichment opportunity for students and local business leaders. “Culturally Intelligent Leadership” is a four-part series that provides knowledge and skills for leadership in an increasingly diverse and global workplace. Through this highly interactive and relational experience, participants will gain a greater understanding of their leadership in diverse environments and will learn how to develop tools for establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships for professional success.

We are currently searching for spring 2018 cohort members! We are looking for participants who willingly explore new ideas and perspectives and who display the humility to learn and work with people of different backgrounds.  Business leaders and students will work together during the first three sessions, and the fourth session will feature an employer panel to discuss how these principles take shape in the “real world” at their respective organizations.

The class is offered in an accelerated format, spanning just three weeks for completion; a general course description with dates is below. Participants will take a  Cultural Intelligence assessment, and students are required to submit a leadership paper and resume. Resumes will be packaged and provided to business leader participants at the end of the course.

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Course Description

This one-credit skills-based class is designed to combine Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) training for employers and students interested in becoming more culturally intelligent leaders.

Part 1: Cultural Intelligence for the Global Workplace
Thursday, January 18, 3:30pm-6:45pm

  • Explore universal leadership attributes and cultural values orientations connected to various cultures.
  • Review their Cultural Intelligence Assessment, discuss the over-arching principles of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and learn about CQ Drive and CQ Knowledge.

Part 2: NCBI Training
Thursday, January 25, 3:30pm-6:45pm

  • Engage in an all-day, highly interactive training based on social and emotional learning to begin self-reflection and sharing.
  • Discuss messages everyone internalizes about one's own and others' groups, correct misinformation in caucus sessions, learn through personal stories, and begin practicing how to respond to hurtful jokes, comments, and slurs.

Part 3: Developing Your Cultural Intelligence
Thursday, February 1, 3:30pm-6:45pm

  • Discuss and debrief about how to synthesize their experiences from prior sessions to identify areas for possible growth.
  • Learn about CQ Strategy and CQ Action to understand working with others cross-culturally.
  • Create goals and an action plan to enhance their 4 Capabilities of CQ.

Part 4: Employer Panel and Networking Event
Thursday, February 8, 3:30pm-6:45pm

  • Attend an exclusive networking event with local employers.
  • Learn from Employer Panel about their "real world" experiences with diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and the skills and knowledge they see as essential for culturally intelligent leaders and future employees.


Students are required to complete the online Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment as well as submit a resume. Additional submission requirements will be shared after course registration is complete.