Cup o’ Justice

Cup o' Justice

Honoring the rich tradition of activism at the University of Iowa and in the surrounding community, Cup o’ Justice is a year-long series of discussions designed to bring change leaders together in shared learning.

The goal of this series is to promote intergenerational and interdisciplinary dialogue about social justice, civil rights, and civic engagement.  At each hosted discussion, invited Change Leaders will share their stories of activism, lessons learned along the way, and the personal impacts of their work in an informal and intimate setting. Interested activists and change agents are encourage to grab a cup of coffee, listen to the rich stories, ask questions, and share their own journeys.


Angela Onwuachi-Willig, Finding & Using Your Voice to Advance Social Justice

Henri Harper, Are You Choosing Your Journey?

Donna Red Wing, Civic Engagement: Where Does Equality Begin?


Rebecca Kling, Using Art & Performance for Activism

Kinsley Botchway, Social Positive Change in Your Community: How Politics and Running for Office Plays a Role in the Journey

Leonard Sandler, Legal Advocacy: Taking It to the Streets, the Courthouse, and the Statehouse

Megan Schwalm, Coalition Building Across Difference

Misty Rebik, Community Organizing: Defending What is Right for the Change in Your Community

Harry Olmstead, Disability Advocacy: The Journey to True Equality