Latinx Professional Development Institute

Julio Cammarota

The Strengthening and Valuing Latinx Communities in Iowa conference was founded in 1998 to explore the changing demographics and dynamics of Latinx communities in Iowa and strengthen the responsiveness of policy makers, business leaders and community-based organizations.

This year, the Professional Development Institute will focus upon retention of Latinx students in higher education, using narrative as a way to explore identity, advocacy 101 (offered by the Commission on Latino Affairs) and undocumented Iowans.

Priorities and Next Steps


After the attendees have been through all of their chosen tracks for the day. They will choose their final session to attend. This “action step” or progressive session is about coming up with ways to combat, support, or change the elements that have come up through the earlier sessions. E.g. volunteering time at a local high school where most of the students are underprivileged or if attending or working at a four year institution, join groups/organizations that are about improving the retention rate for Latino/x students. Attendees will take away lessons, knowledge, and objectives to complete after the conference is over.


  1. Action steps sessions begin at 2:35-3:15PM
  2. After the Actions steps, the various sessions will move to four corners of the IMU Ballroom. These four groups will be comprised of those who may have chosen a different track for the day but want to understand or give information to another group. (meaning these groups will be/can be mixed between those who attended the earlier session(s) of one track but chose to enter another action step and those who stayed on the same track throughout the day.
  3. The groups will create at least 5 tangible steps that all people can take part in to either address issues or to become an ally. The next step, will be to pick an action step or priority that they will try to complete before the next Latinx conference. This step will be turned into their own hashtag that they will use to tweet during the year in a way for the Latinx community and the committee of the conference can follow the progress of the attendees.  
  4. Once all groups are done with their list and hashtags, there will be one representative that is picked from each group to come forward and give a brief rundown of the items on their list and they will share one hashtag that was said either by them or someone in the group.
  5. Wrap-up; after all four groups give their small explanations, the committee facilitator will then inform them who to tweet at and give the closing remarks for the institute. They will also inform that they can walk around the space to see what groups had up just in case they missed something or have questions.
  6. Close 4:30 PM

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Monday, October 2, 2017


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