Pen Pal Program

Dear Pen Pal

Some of the goals of the Pen Pal Program include:

  • promoting positive self-esteem for grade school students
  • increasing grade school students' motivation for academic success and interest in college
  • developing and practicing writing skills of grade school students
  • providing all program participants with a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity
  • helping the University of Iowa become more responsive to the needs of the Pen Pal participant communities

What are the benefits in participating?

Your dedicated commitment to volunteering with the Pen Pal Program will have many benefits, such as:

  • making a valuable contribution to a student's learning
  • being a positive role model for a grade school student


Friday, September 9, 2016


If you are a registered student at the University of Iowa, you are eligible to volunteer in the Pen Pal program.

How to Apply/Enroll

Signing up is easy—just stop by 24 Phillips Hall, to learn more or download and complete the PDF icon2016-2017 UI Information Form and return it to the Center for Diversity & Enrichment office in 24 Phillips Hall.

We will use your answers to match you with an elementary student (4th grader) from the school. If you are selected to participate in the program, you will be notified by September 12, 2016.