Project on Civic Reflection

Dr. Georgina Dodge conversing with a colleague

The Project on Civic Reflection (PCR) helps civic groups build capacity, commitment, and community through reading and discussion. Since 1998 the project has engaged thousands of citizens across America in discussing short readings, including poems, stories, essays, and scripture, as a means of reflecting on questions at the heart of giving, service, and leadership.

In some ways, civic reflection is a simple activity—it involves a reading, a group of people, a circle of chairs, a little food, and a facilitator. In other ways, it is complex— it calls for careful thought, flexibility, creativity, and a willingness to try something that many of us have not done before.

For many people, it requires thinking and interacting with others in new ways as they discuss issues they had not thought about before. Even experienced facilitators find that they learn something from each civic reflection discussion.


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How to Apply/Enroll

The best way to learn about civic reflection is to experience it yourself. Dr. Georgina Dodge is a trained facilitator for PCR. Please contact her if you are interested in participating in or offering a workshop in your area.