School and Community Partnership (SCP) Program

Division of Student Life

The Center for Diversity & Enrichment coordinates outreach efforts to underserved K-12 students from diverse backgrounds, including students of color, first-generation students whose parents have not received a baccalaureate degree, and students from low-income families. These efforts emphasize focused school and community partner contacts where a staff member from CDE can travel to a community and share college going information with students and their families. The program also supports campus visits and can sometimes provide transportation and develop specific programs depending on student interests.

University of Iowa staff and faculty and students are often invited to go into public schools, community colleges, and community-based education programs to engage students in college going discussions on a regular basis. These partnerships seek to advance the academic success of participating students and to increase the likelihood that these students will pursue their higher education.

How to Apply/Enroll

If your community is not represented or if you would like to learn more about these outreach efforts, please contact Omolola Anaman at 319-335-3555.

School & Community Partner Contacts

Cedar Rapids - Omolola Anaman

Davenport - Cayla Wencl

Des Moines - Preston Keith

Iowa City - Katie Miller

Ottumwa - Karla Alvarez

Storm Lake - Gabriela Rivera

Waterloo - Deandrea Watkins

West Liberty - Gabriela Rivera