Zoom meeting amongst the three Sea Change Core Team members focused on Recruitment.

The meeting began with Maurine providing a brief reminder of Core Team responsibilities for the first year, with a focus on today’s goal: 

As laid out on the “Homework” slide, we discussed our data (led by Kate and Matt), identified gaps, and suggested feasible ideas that leverage existing data towards stated goals. This discussion included repeated reminders that our goals are lofty, the data are imperfect, and key gaps will be difficult to fill. 

The major focus of the discussion was the striking attrition from the pre-prospect stage through interested prospects through applicants who were admitted, accepted, and enrolled. We have detailed demographic data (though not disability) started at the applicant stage. As part of this discussion, we spent some time on the differences in admission rates and demographics between applicants who submit standardized test scores (much higher admission rates) and those that do not.

Major data gaps identified were the disability status of applicants and demographic information before the applicant stage.

Feasible ideas for progress, largely suggested by Kate and backed up as useful/feasible were:

  1. Connect job placement after graduation to initial (applicant?) demographics. This would involve data contributions from Jamie Cavey and Sauvik Goswami. 
  2. Track the “melting” process (attrition from deposit through actually setting foot on campus in September) on a demographic basis. 
  3. A visual/infographic, from a demographic perspective, of the attrition that happens from the pre-prospect stage through enrollment.