Faculty, Staff, Postdocs, and Grad Students 


In-Person and Virtually 



In partnership with Faculty Senate and Center for Teaching, Inclusive Education and Strategic Initiatives host 20-minute sessions focused on one specific skill or practice. 

Our goals are that individuals who participate in these sessions will:  

  • Explore quick skills and tips around relevant DEI-related topics 

  • Increase connection and exposure to larger initiatives across campus 

  • Build confidence around inclusive and equitable practices 

Each session is framed around thinking about what, so what, and now what. 


What is the issue, challenge, or need to explore? 

So What:

What could be some pitfalls, unintended consequences or impacts if not addressed? 

Now What:

What is the first step? What resources or skills do I need to address this issue, challenge, or need? 

Previous topics explored include: 

  • How to Effectively Introduce Academic Accommodations to Create a Welcoming Environment 

  • Identifying and Addressing Microaggressions in the Classroom 

  • Identifying Individuals in Distress 

  • Managing Controversial Topics 

  • Practicing Pronouns 

  • Visual Descriptions and ALT Text 

If you would like to request a Sparkshop for your department or unit, please complete our Service Request Form.