Recruitment and Selection Process

NOTE:  As of Sept. 10, 2018, the University of Iowa has a new system for managing advertising, applications, and searches for staff and health care jobs, therefore, this Recruitment Manual for P&S and faculty searches will be revised to reflect the university’s transition to the new Talent Acquisition system (OTAC). Information in this manual pertaining to faculty searches is still applicable until such time as the faculty requisitions migrate to the new OTAC system. Please contact Talent Acquisition support ( in University Human Resources with any questions about the OTAC system.
  1. Goals of the Recruitment and Selection Process
  • To attract a diverse array of highly-qualified applicants to the University of Iowa.
  • To provide all applicants an equal opportunity to apply and compete for faculty, and professional and scientific (P&S) positions at the University of Iowa.
  • To encourage promotional opportunities for existing faculty, and P&S staff, particularly for women and racial/ethnic minorities in the areas where they are presently underrepresented.
  • To take affirmative action to address any areas of underrepresentation of women or racial/ethnic minorities in the ranks of the university’s faculty, and P&S staff.
  1. Search Activity Guidance for Faculty, Professional & Scientific Searches

The PDF iconGuidance for Search Activities provides information to hiring department/units about conducting searches for positions at 50% or greater, with a duration of one year or more.

This document further describes the type of search and selection activity that requires pre-approval from EOD before the departments/units departments can take action.

  1. Faculty Search Checklist

The PDF iconFaculty Search Checklist a brief summation of the Faculty Search process. This and more specific information about Faculty Recruitment can also be found on the University of Iowa website for the Office of the Provost.                             

  1. Professional & Scientific Search and Selection Checklist

The PDF iconP&S Search Checklist for Pay levels 5 and below provides a general overview of the Search and Selection process.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities of the Search Committee

Search committees can effect change in the composition of the workforce through the recruitment, selection, and hiring of staff.

  1. Search Committee Composition
  • Committee members should have relevant knowledge about the responsibilities and requirements of the vacant position.
  • It is helpful for an individual who has supervised the vacant or similar positions, to be represented on the search committee.
  • The committee should also reflect the diversity of the campus; to achieve this goal, it may be necessary to include a member from related departments or units or a graduate student on the search committee.
  • The committee chairperson should hold a position at the same or higher level than the vacant position.
  • Each search committee member should have adequate time to devote to the search committee duties.
  1. Charge of the Search Committee is to:
  • Understand the university’s strategic plan, Renewing the Iowa Promise, as well as applicable equal opportunity/affirmative action and diversity goals.
  • Develop the recruitment plan to enlarge the applicant pool with women and minority applicants, particularly where underrepresentation exists.
  • Evaluate applicants fairly based on the qualifications advertised in the position announcement.
  • Be cognizant of unintentional bias that may overshadow the search committee’s perceptions of candidates.
  • Create an open and welcoming environment and establish positive rapport with candidates during the interview.
  • Maintain confidentiality about the search and selection process and committee proceedings.
  • It may be appropriate to arrange for candidates to meet with diverse university constituencies so that candidates can gain a more direct sense of the community in which they may work and live.
  1. Responsibilities of the Search Committee Chairperson
  • Ensure that the search committee charge is understood and implemented.
  • Serve as a liaison between the committee and the hiring department.
  • Facilitate all committee meetings and administrative support.
  • Ensure that appropriate search records and meeting minutes are maintained.
  • Perform all the regular duties of a search committee member.
  • Perform other duties as requested by the hiring department.
  1. Responsibilities of the Search Committee Administrator (Admin)
  • Assist the chair with the operational functions of the search.
  • Provide administrative support to the chair/search committee.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the chairperson.
  1. Responsibilities of Search Committee Members
  • Assist in identifying and contacting potential applicants.
  • Attend all scheduled committee meetings.
  • Screen applicants and select candidates for interviews.
  • Participate in the interview process.
  • Check applicants’ references (if so assigned).
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the chairperson.