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By Haley Kamps

We we are: We serve 350 students at the University of Iowa who demonstrate academic need and are first generation, or low-income, or have a verified disability.  

What we do: We create a welcoming environment that supports our students and inspires them to reach their fullest potential and be successful in all their academic and personal endeavors through graduation.

How we do it: We strive to develop all our students into life-long learners by building relationships with them and maintaining strong partnerships with campus and community resources.

TRIO SSS provides three main services to its 350 students throughout the year

1.) Student success coaching: Staff members in TRIO SSS meet with their students each semester to help them adjust to college life

2.) Tutoring Support: Tutors are available to work with TRIO students who need support or help with some of their classes.

3.) Steps to Success for TRIO Classes: Steps to Success is an eight-semester series of courses designed to provide holistic support to program participants throughout their time at Iowa. Classes cover six main themes: academics, financial literacy, diversity & inclusion, life issues, career, and leadership development, with most incorporated each semester.

TRIO programs must meet certain objectives to continue receiving funding. TRIO SSS at the University of Iowa has been consistently meeting its marks with a persistence rate of 91%, 93% of students in good academic standing, and a 6-year graduation rate of 74% for the 2018-2019 academic year.

If you are a student interested in applying to be in TRIO SSS, contact us at: (link sends e-mail)

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