Sloan Center

“We are honored that Sloan has chosen to locate one of their UCEMs here at Iowa, and we are eager to get started on this important project,” Kutzko says. “Our Sloan Center is built on a community of 175 senior UI faculty representing 22 programs and departments and enjoys the strong support of president Mason, provost Butler and Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President Georgina Dodge. These are factors which, we believe, made our proposal competitive.”

The UCEM’s director will be Colleen Mitchell, mathematics associate professor and chair of the Department of Mathematics Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

Planned UCEM activities at the University of Iowa include:

  • Increased recruitment and outreach efforts.
  • Expanded mentoring programs for minority scholars.
  • Development of year-round seminars, workshops, and social events to provide professional development opportunities to minority students.