University of Iowa Employee and Community Policies

University of Iowa Employee and Community Policies

The University of Iowa’s Community Policies are found online within Part II of the University of Iowa’s Operations Manual (see These policies apply broadly to all members of the university community. University of Iowa employees are expected to familiarize themselves with the following community policies. Annual policy reminders are also sent to employees via email from UI central administrative offices.

UI Community Policies

Human Rights

Interim Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

Consensual Relationships Involving Students

Disability Protection Policy and Accessibility Statement




Physical and Sexual Abuse of Children

Student Policies

In order to maintain a safe campus where students can meet the IOWA Challenge, the University of Iowa has adopted the Code of Student Life. The Code of Student Life sets forth standards of student behavior and conduct necessary for the maintenance of a campus where ideas are freely exchanged, University property and processes are safeguarded, and conflicts are peacefully resolved.

Students, faculty, and staff who believe there has been a violation of one of these student policies may contact the Office of Student Accountability within the Dean of Students Office to discuss options available for reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities. Office staff can assist victims of assault or harassment by a university student and can direct you to educational programs on a variety of related topics. If you have questions about these student policies, and the corresponding Student Misconduct Procedure, contact the Office of Student Accountability ( or 319-335-1527).