From Upward Bound Students

What is the impact that Upward Bound has had on you?

Emily R (West Liberty): I joined UB as a junior in high school and it has helped me to understand the transition from high school to college. I’ve been able to connect with people from other towns and have had more opportunities that will help me in the future.

Jennifer C. (Columbus Junction): I joined UB as a freshman and I have had personal growth in myself and in my educational goals. I have more confidence and believe I can attend college. I’ve been able to make connections, explore careers and create a better future for myself.

Santiago L. (Columbus Junction): I was shy when I first joined the program as a freshman, so it’s helped me meet new people, be more comfortable around them and be able to start conversations with people. It’s also helped me prepare for college.

Angel M. (Columbus Junction): I joined UB as a sophomore and it’s been a great opportunity for me to learn how to be a mentor.

How has your time in the summer program been different this year as a bridge student as compared to rising students?

Emily R (West Liberty):This is my first time coming to the summer program and it’s an amazing opportunity, especially being able to earn college credits this summer. It’s helped me feel more prepared for when I do start college this fall. It’s also opened my eyes to how many people want to be in this program, but not all can so I am grateful to be here.

Jennifer C. (Columbus Junction): I’ve come to the summer program all four years and I think I’ve grown a lot since the beginning. This year I have to be more responsible and make sure I’m on time to my classes. I see this summer as a preview of what college will actually be like. I’ve really enjoyed my Elements of Art class and interacting with other college students, it’s a very diverse class. 

What are your plans for next year?

Santiago L. (Columbus Junction):I will be going to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids to study parks and natural resources. I’m thinking about transferring to Iowa State after getting my associate degree.

Angel M. (Columbus Junction): I plan on working first to save up some money for college. I want to be financially stable (have my basic needs met without having to ask my parents for money) before attending college.