Diversity Catalyst Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Catalyst Awards!


Sponsored by the the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the Diversity Catalyst Awards are designed to honor faculty or staff members, programs or departments, and students or student organizations engaged in diversity initiatives during the previous academic year that have promoted the development of an inclusive, diverse campus community at the University of Iowa.Download Nomination Details (link is external) (PDF)


Friday, January 24, 2020


Graduate Student
Undergraduate Student


Primary criteria

The nominee has developed or implemented an innovative program, policy, or activity to enhance diversity within the university; and/or

The nominee's contributions are distinctive and have a positive effect on building respect for diversity within the university community;

The nominee has gone above and beyond his/her job responsibilities

Additional criteria

A nominee who exemplifies characteristics that are innovative should:

be creative and unique;

introduce something new to the campus;

approach their task with a new perspective that results in new outcomes.

A nominee who exemplifies the characteristics of distinctiveness should:

be readily distinguishable in nature and quality from others;

exhibit excellence in process and outcome.

A nominee who has enhanced diversity within the university and/or has a positive effect on building respect for diversity within the university community should:

identify issues of importance to the creation of a diverse, inclusive university community as envisioned in the UI Human Rights Policy;

have the potential to effect or implement long-standing change, rather than a one-time event;

enhance the University of Iowa's diversity goals as stated in the university's strategic plan, Renewing The Iowa Promise: "Great Opportunities - Bold Expectations."

How to Apply

Nominators are requested to fill out an online nomination form (link is external) and are encouraged to submit up to two letters of support to diversity-resources@uiowa.edu (link sends e-mail) 

A campus-wide committee of peers will determine the winners.


Diversity Resources Coordinator, Diversity Resources