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Meeting a common need:

John Deere, the University of Iowa, and the Davenport Community School District have a common challenge: developing Iowa’s youth from our middle and low-economic sectors to become the top talent, leading the next generation to solve humanity's biggest challenges. The University of Iowa and John Deere believe a structured system of high school through college can prepare the next generation of leaders from our youth in Davenport.  Our collective efforts can allow these students to impact our global society and economy.

The John Deere Scholars Program is a need-based pipeline program preparing Davenport Community high school students for the University of Iowa, providing access through scholarships for 20 qualifying seniors a year (60 in total throughout the relationship). Scholarships will cover 90% of the cost a year for four years toward degree completion for students remaining eligible each year.

Davenport High School Program

The University of Iowa will provide a pre-collegiate program to prepare students for college and navigate the application/ financial aid process.  This program will teach leadership skills and college preparation courses for participating qualifying seniors while serving to aid students step-by-step in the college admissions process. 

Students will also have opportunities to visit the University of Iowa campus. During these visits, they will meet with current UI students, faculty, and staff to learn about academic programs and gain insights into making a successful transition to college.


University of Iowa Scholarship Program

Twenty John Deere Scholar students per year for three years will participate in a custom leadership skills program developed by UI faculty and staff.  This program will span the entirety of a student’s degree program and will include support for the scholarship and emergency financial support for computers, books, etc. To remain eligible for funding for all four years, a student must remain enrolled in school, in good standing, and participate in either the  Iowa Edge program or First Gen Hawks program.



We are hiring!

The University of Iowa is looking to fill a the full time position in Davenport to work with high school seniors in the Davenport Community School District.


  • The program will be finalized by the UI Program Director and the Davenport Community School District.  Initial program goals include:
    • Education of skill sets for success in college such as time management and cultural understanding.
    • Assistance and education of the college admissions and application process.
    • Assistance with FASFA application.
    • A high school visit day at the University of Iowa.
    • UI speakers in Davenport providing information and options to students on fields of study.

  • The high school program is open to any Davenport Community School District student in their senior year qualifying for free or reduced lunch or the college application waiver.
  • The program will also have elements for families of Davenport Community School District students participating in the program.
  • Details on the program will be released prior to the start of the Fall 2024 academic year.

  • No

  • Twenty, four-year scholarships will be awarded per year for three years, for a total of 60 scholarships. 
  • The first 20 will be awarded in spring 2025 for students to start at the University of Iowa in fall 2025. 
  • The second cohort of 20 will begin at UI in fall 2026 and the third in fall 2027.

  • Each scholarship will cover a minimum of 90% of all costs for four years (including tuition, fees, room, and board) for qualifying students; the remaining 10% will be covered through work-study or other financial aid opportunities. 
  • Emergency funds will be made available if needed. 
  • Scholarship recipients will work with the UI Office of Admissions during their senior year of high school to learn about options to cover the remaining 10% of the cost. 

  • Qualifications will be released in the Fall of 2024

  • No. Twenty Davenport Community High School seniors each year will be selected to receive the scholarships to the University of Iowa.

  • No. The 20 John Deere Scholars scholarships will only apply to attending the University of Iowa.

  • Meet with academic advisor once per semester. 
  • Attend two mandatory programs through the John Deere Scholar programs per semester. 
  • Students will be assessed at the end of each academic year to ensure they are meeting the above qualifications.

  • The UI will form an evaluation committee to review all applications and select students.

  • There is no financial commitment required for the Davenport Community School District as a partner in this program.
  • The Davenport Community Schools will provide access and space for the UI program director to meet with students in each of the high schools. 

  • Mentorship through the Office of the Provost and individual collegiate programs related to fields of study.
  • UI Emergency Funds if needed.
  • UI Work Study program access
  • Food and clothing assistance if needed.

  • The John Deere Scholars program is scheduled for students to complete their degree in four-years. 
  • Staying on this schedule will be part of the Office of Access and Support or First Gen Hawks programs that John Deere Scholars will participate in throughout their four years at Iowa.

  • The makeup of the evaluation committee will be comprised of members of the University of Iowa offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, Provost, and a Davenport Community School District representative.

  • Yes.  The gift will cover the salary of the new Davenport-based University of Iowa program director and administrative costs.


  • Announcement

    June 2024

    Announcement of the new John Deere Scholars Program.

  • High School Program Details Released

    August 2024

    The details for the Davenport high school program for all qualifying students at Davenport Central, North, West, and Mid-City will be released.

  • High School Program Begins

    September 2024

    The program for all qualifing high school seniors begins.

  • Scholarship Details Announced

    December 2024

    All details of the John Deere University of Iowa four-year scholarship will be announced and submissions will begin.

  • Deadline for scholarship submissions

    Early February 2024

    A date will be announced as the deadline for all applications for one of the 20 UI scholarships

  • Scholarship winners will be announced

    Late February

    The 20 scholarship winners will be announced by the Univeristy of Iowa and John Deere.

  • First cohort of John Deere Scholars begins at the University of Iowa

    September 2025

    The first 20 John Deere Scholars will beging their academic journey at the Univeristy of Iowa.