Thursday, March 24, 2022

Liz Tovar

Today we released the 2021 Campus Climate student reports and I encourage everyone to look at the results online.  The reports show a strong sense of overall belonging at Iowa and respect of individuals on campus.  It also tells us we can improve respect with select groups, increase advisor and faculty time with students, and provide additional mentorship opportunities to our undergraduate students.

Surveys like these are a critical piece, coupled with strong relationships and ongoing conversations, for leadership to know how we are doing as a campus.  It helps to tell us if we are welcoming, and if are we respecting everyone, every day.  This leads me to March 29 through May 28, 2022.  Please mark these dates on your calendars as we will begin an eight-week period to collect the next set of climate data, the 2022 Campus Climate Survey.  Students, faculty, and staff will receive an email asking for your participation.  This is everyone’s opportunity to impact our culture and shape our climate for the next two years.  It assists us in making decisions about our teaching, learning, programming, and staffing.  Also, there will be incentives for your participation, so I encourage everyone to help our institution by taking the 2022 Campus Climate survey!

This month our campus has and is doing a phenomenal job celebrating Women’s History month, Campus PRIDE week, Latinx/a/o In-Action week, and National Disability Awareness Month.  Thank you to everyone who has shined their light on each of these groups and told stories of the rich history of our institution.

I am especially excited and encourage everyone to attend the screening of the documentary “Crip Camp,” March 29 & 30.  Judy Heumann, author, activist, and internationally known civil rights advocate, will visit our campus to host this screening.  I am looking forward to a wonderful visit with Judy and learning from her story.

Finally, we can never minimize the impact world and national events have on our day-to-day lives.  Iowa is special because we authentically look out for each other and because we are there for one another when times get tough.  I encourage everyone to respect each other, reach out if you know of someone who is going through a tough time because of national or international events.  Please, don’t assume you know how people feel, but always ask and help if you can. 

If you need someone to talk to, know that your university is there for you, always.  Please reach out to me at anytime and I will be there for you.

We are pushing through to the end of the semester.  It is time to buckle down as we prepare for finals, but balance yourself and give yourself time to breathe. You will make it through!

Go Hawks!

Liz Tovar