Tobey Kelly, BA

Administrative Services Coordinator
Office of Civil Rights Compliance
Division of Access, Opportunity, and Diversity

Tobey earned a BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Iowa. She has worked in the Office of Civili Rights Compliance (formerly Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity and Diversity) since 2008. She provides reception and support for the OCRC office. Before working in OCRC, Tobey worked in the UI College of Medicine for 8 ½ years in OB/GYN and Internal Medicine departments, supporting several vaccine research clinical trials. When she’s not working Tobey enjoys reading, watching movies, laughing, adventure-seeking, and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite Quote: “There is no evidence that we've been placed on this planet to be especially happy or especially normal. And in fact, our unhappiness and our strangeness, our anxieties and compulsions, those least fashionable aspects of our personalities, are quite often what lead us to do rather interesting things.” ― Jon Ronson