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Over one hundred seventy-five years ago, the University of Iowa was the first university in the U.S. where women were admitted as well as men, and qualified students, regardless of race, could attend our institution.

The Division of Access, Opportunity, and Diversity continues the ongoing work of those who came before us to build a campus of collaboration and respect for everyone.

We dream that the University of Iowa becomes an even more inclusive institution, continuing to respect diverse viewpoints and ideas for the next 177 years.   

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What does this look like?

What does this look like?

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Imagine we are a campus where...

Free expression of diverse viewpoints produces respectful dialogues from multiple perspectives.

Everyone can see themselves through diversity in our leadership, facility, and staff.

Our students, faculty, and staff have even more clarity on their path to advancement.

From policy to practice, our systems evolve to be equitable and instill accountability.

Our framework for student success and faculty innovation is flexible: students, faculty, and staff can achieve their versions of success.

We continually assess our climate to understand where we are and need to go–listening to our constituents and taking necessary action.

Our community cares about building stronger relationships so we know who we teach and work with daily.

No matter what's happening in the rest of our world, the University of Iowa is where students, faculty, and staff feel good and are supported and heard. 

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Building our Campus Culture

One of our greatest challenges on the campus of the University of Iowa—and across our country--is promoting respect and unity. As an institution, it is part of our mission to create a more just and inclusive campus and to better listen to and respect different viewpoints and cultures. This results in the strengthening of our core educational and research mission.

We are committed to the exchange of diverse ideas and concepts, embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into the core fabric of our institution, and providing a welcoming environment where perspectives can be shared without fear of retribution.

You can join our “Journey to Unity” by supporting programs that teach listening, respect, and training, and the recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff at the University of Iowa. The changes on our campus will have a ripple effect—the leaders we educate at Iowa today will help make worldwide changes tomorrow.

The Impact of Learning Cultural Competency Skills


Learn more about the impact of the Division of AOD at the University of Iowa

Our Focus for Unity


Student Success

Faculty and Staff Success

Research and Messaging

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The time is now. Our mission is to embed diversity and equity into the Iowa experience through proactive cultural change on our campus. You can help us achieve this dream through your direct support of our existing and evolving efforts. Learn more about our current work and how you can invest in the future of the University of Iowa.

Dr. Liz Tovar, Executive Officer, Associate Vice President Division of Access, Opportunity, and Diversity

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Supporting Unity at Iowa is something different.  It positively impacts the development of skills needed to listen, learn, and respect each other.  It develops community, collaboration, and civility.  While it focuses on marginalized students, faculty, and staff, it also touches everyone at the University by building a solid unity of purpose, leading to community unity.       

The University of Iowa is a place where all people should feel safe and included. We strive to be a welcoming campus where hate and racism are not accepted. Freedom of expression is a cherished right of all while we respect our differences. As we continue to grow our ability to listen, learn and be fair to each other, we use these tools to grow our community, its collaboration, and gain civil respect for each other.  We need these programs now, more than ever, to develop the next generation of Hawkeyes in these skills.

All students, faculty, and staff of the University.  Some efforts are focused on marginalized groups, while others work to grow the institution's complete understanding of accepting our differences to grow stronger as an institution.

Angela Greenwald
Assistant Vice President, Main Campus Development 
The University of Iowa Center for Advancement 
One West Park Road, Iowa City, IA 52242 
Office: 319-467-3376, Mobile: 919-358-5162 

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