Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for encouraging faculty and staff in your areas to complete their harassment prevention (HP) education by the 9/30 quarterly due date. Thanks to the efforts of you and your staff, we achieved a 99.5% compliance rate campus-wide during the quarter.

Internal Audit has recommended that employees complete their HP compliance by their individual due date, rather than by a quarterly deadline. This recommendation aligns with the UI Sexual Harassment Policy requirement that covered employees complete the course within a timeframe determined by appointment:  within 2 months for TAs and AAOs or within 6 months for all other covered employees. Employees are then required to complete a refresher course within three years of their last course completion.

The Compliance & Qualifications (CQ) system sends employees an email 60 days, 30 days, and 5 days before their compliance due date. An employee’s supervisor is also notified at 5 days before the due date, and the employee and supervisor are notified if the employee fails to complete the compliance by their due date.

Please note there are over 1,000 UI employees who were recently assigned the AAO/supervisory-level HP course with a due date of 10/16/2021. The following CQ reports can be used to identify which of your employees are coming due for HP education for AAOs this month.

HP Compliance Individual Deadlines within the Quarter

This report prepopulates the HP mandate type and the end date.  You may change the end date to identify upcoming compliances due. You should not change the start date, as this could miss employees who are past due.

HR Memo Image 1

View Current Compliance Due Dates

This report does not pre-populate the mandate type or end date, so you must enter those selections. Use this report to identify who is coming due for HP compliance soon. Enter the end date of the review period. Do not alter the starting date for the report.

The report indicates which HP compliance course is required for each employee (i.e., HP for AAOs/Supervisors, HP for TAs, or HP for Non-AAOs/Non-Supervisors). This can help you send targeted emails to employees with a due date coming up.

HR Memo Image 2

If you have employees who believe they have been assigned to the wrong type of harassment prevention course, e.g., an employee was assigned the AAO-level HP course but believes they are not an AAO) please contact our office via email for guidance. In most cases, it is the HR representative or departmental administrator that will need to make the changes in the HRIS systems that determine AAO assignments (i.e., the position management system and the special titles table).

Finally, please run compliance reports to identify employees who did not complete their HP compliance by their deadline. Running this report regularly and frequently will help to ensure employees are notified promptly if they miss their compliance deadline.

Thank you as always for your assistance in ensuring a respectful and welcoming environment for all at UI. Please email our new departmental email account ( ) if you have questions or need further assistance.

Kind regards,

Jennifer Modestou, SPHR, SHRM-SPC
Director of Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Compliance
Office of Institutional Equity