Monday, January 22, 2024

As a friendly reminder, facilities management would like to remind everyone of the snow and ice removal procedures.  Please check out their information here.

As the weather gets colder, snow and ice will begin to affect the University of Iowa campus. Landscape Service's goal is to remove snow and ice from traveled surfaces in order to provide safe pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Accumulations of snow and ice will be removed as expeditiously as practical during and after storms within the parameters dictated by weather conditions, available manpower, equipment resources and budget constraints.


1. Reporting a non-police emergency

Call 319-335-5071 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be directed to the FM@YourService desk or the Department of Public Safety.

2. Contact the Building Coordinator

Building Coordinators have information and access to FM and can help resolve any snow and ice issue relating to their building. Find a list of Building Coordinators here.

3. Send in a request through the FM@YourService portal

Requests for service are processed through the FM@YourService portal. The portal is connected to other offices on campus (Parking and Transportation, Department of Public Safely, etc.) so that requests can be channeled in an efficient way to the correct offices.

4. Request specific accommodations through dedicated offices

Student request for specific accommodations
Employee request for specific accommodations

Snow Removal