If your office, department, or unit are looking for support, perspective, or resources as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, we provide a consulting service that connects you with a consultant to work with on your department's specific needs. This service is provided free of charge to any University of Iowa office. Some of the common consulting topics are workplace cultural changes, strategic planning, and building more equitable spaces. If you are looking for support with individual challenges or growth plans. 

Any questions or comments about the consulting process? Any concerns we should be aware of? Contact us at ddei-iesi@uiowa.edu 

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Disclaimer: Consulting is about connecting, supporting, and empowering you and your unit. Consulting is not counseling or therapy. 

Theoretical Framework

For our consulting services, we utilize McKinsey's 7s Framework for our theoretical foundation. An illustration of the model is provided below and you can read more about McKinsey's framework in our Consulting Resources section.   

McKinsey7 S Model


What to expect from consulting: 

  • Commitment to up to three one-hour consulting sessions with a member of Inclusive Education and Strategic Initiatives 

  • You as the participant decides what to cover and how/when to end consulting. 


If you are looking for more resources as it relates to consulting or you are looking to prepare in anticipation of consulting sessions, please review the following resources. 

Report a Concern

If you have an issue or need a resource related to an incident of bias, discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct we are here for you. Click here for more resources or to report a concern.