Breno Silvestrini Rodrigues, JD

Office of Civil Rights Compliance
Division of Access, Opportunity, and Diversity

Breno has been working at the crossroads of education and law for more than a decade. He practiced law for twelve years in his home country of Brazil before coming to Iowa. He had his own law firm and later served as in-house counsel for one of the largest educational groups in Brazil, where he litigated employment, tax, and civil cases and performed transactional work. In 2016, Breno moved to Iowa with his wife. He earned his LL.M and J.D. degrees from the University of Iowa College of Law between 2019 and 2021, where he also served on the Iowa Bar Association Student and Faculty Committee. Breno is also a licensed attorney in the U.S. and worked as a law clerk for two law firms, Leff Law and Lynch Dallas, performing work in corporate and employment law and municipal services before joining the Office of Institutional Equity