The Office of Access and Support (OAS) serves the university as the central office for student, faculty, and staff support to provide a welcoming and respectful environment while promoting the skill sets to develop cultural competency and freedom of expression for all Hawkeyes.

OAS provides student UI support through the federally funded TRIO program and the Iowa Edge four-year mentorship program.  

The office also supports future Hawkeyes through pipeline programs like the TRIO Upward Bound, the Storm Lake Scholars, Iowa First Nations, and the managing the Advantage Iowa need-based scholarships.

OAS also provides voluntary professional development opportunities though cohorts supported by our colleges, units, and departments across campus to teach the skills our students, faculty, and staff have identified as key for succes in a global workforce and society.  These skill sets are critical to sustain a healthy organizational culture that provides a welcoming and respectful campus experience for everyone. 


2750 University Capitol Centre
200 S Clinton St
Iowa City, IA 52242
Tel: 319-335-3555
Fax: 319-353-2537
Email: ddei-ciae@uiowa.edu

Student Support

The Office of Access and Support provides Hawkeyes:

  • Pre-college student development.
  • Assistance with facilitating the enrollment process.
  • Academic coaching.

These programs and activities are open to all students with an emphasis to support historically marginalized, first-generation students and students from low socioeconomic backgrounds to thrive and succeed at the University of Iowa. 

Academic Coaches are available to support students throughout all aspects of their college experience. We want to make sure your transition to the university is a good one and that you are aware of campus opportunities.

We offer programs to enhance the cultural, social, and academic experiences of students. The programs have the goal of building community, celebrating cultures, and educating students on various topics.

Faculty and Staff Support

Through our core values, the University of Iowa strives to foster an environment in which there is a robust exchange of ideas and fostering a diversity of viewpoints. All members of our community should feel respected in their pursuit of excellence. The Division of Access, Opportunity, and Diversity, Office of Access and Support operates as a guide for these change efforts by continuing to develop our campus culture as a welcoming and respectful environment, breaking down barriers to increase dialogue across differences.